April 24, 2012

T's postcards - 110

Alaska is the Biggest State
- 19 Mountains over 14,000 ft
- Highest point in North America, Mt McKinley (Denali) 20,320 ft
- More area than the 26 smallest states
- Purchased from Russia in 1867 for less than 2ȼ an acre
- Longest days, 24 hours of daylight
- Longest nights, 24 hours of night
- More than 3 million lakes, larger than 25 acres
- 586,400 square miles
- 1/5 the land mass of the entire continental US
- More than two times the size of Texas
- 29 active volcanoes, half the world's totalȼ
- More coastline than the lower 48 states, 33,000 miles
- More than 1/2 of the world's glaciers
- One glacier larger than Switzerland

Well, I learned something. I would have said Hawaii had more volcanoes than Alaska. In fact, I'm not sure I would have even said Alaska had volcanoes. Well, apparently Hawaii is down to 2, that's right - 2, active volcanoes. Super active, but only 2. Well, I guess that shows what I know!

April 17, 2012

T's postcards - 109

Deadhorse, Prudhoe Bay, Alaska.
On back: "An aerial view of Deadhorse in mid-July. Most of the oilfield's service companies are located here, just south of Prudhoe Bay. The Deadhorse Airport is in the foreground and on the horizon is the ice pack of the Arctic Ocean." Very neat! Thanks Grandma and Opa Matt!

April 10, 2012

T's postcards - 108

On back: "The American Queen on the Mississippi River. The Mississippi River is the site of nostalgic steamboat excursions from spring until fall each year. The American Queen is newest and largest of the Delta Queen line." Thanks Heather! US-578757

March 27, 2012

T's postcards - 106

"Gelukkig Nieuwjaar"
Some teddy bears going sledding, it looks like! Thanks Gerlinda! NL-267533

March 13, 2012

March 6, 2012

T's postcards - 103

This was actually a non folding birthday card - it had a bunny pin on it at one point too - no idea where that went. Thanks Grandma and Opa!

February 28, 2012

T's postcards - 102

T got this right before he was to start kindergarten. He was already excited - and now his teacher does postcards too? Wow! :) Thanks Mme K!

T's postcards - 101

Whole bunch of dumptrucks from Switzerland! Great card! Thanks Stefan! CH-46899

February 21, 2012

T's postcards - 100

Lipizzan horses in Lipica, Slovenia. They sound like really neat horses - maybe one day we'll see some! Thanks Ana! SI-20807

February 14, 2012

T's postcards - 99

3d Eagle (I think - could really be about anything). Thanks Grandma! Looks really neat!

February 7, 2012

T's postcards - 98

Bullocks carrying their load in Australia. Thanks Harvey! AU-66838

January 31, 2012

January 24, 2012

T's postcards - 96

Cute little bear using the phone. "Hello friend!" Thanks Juhani! FI-744396

January 17, 2012

T's postcards - 95

"Goin' to Kansas City"
On back: "Cattle are still rounded up by cowboys on horseback, much the same as they were 100 years ago when Kansas City was a major shipping point to the East." Thanks Jessica! US-607273

January 10, 2012

T's postcards - 94

Salt Lake City - Temple Spires and Capitol Dome. Holographic! Thanks Grandma!

January 3, 2012

T's postcards - 93

Reso'cha - Boeing 747
Another great plane card from Thailand! Thanks Chupoo! TH-33696

December 27, 2011

T's postcards - 92

Wild Boars in a forest on the edges of Belarus and Poland. Thanks Misha! BY-40356

December 26, 2011

N's postcards - 93

The card that welcomed Nicky into his kindergarten class, sent by his teacher a few weeks before school started. :) Thanks Mme Kruk!

December 20, 2011

T's postcards - 91

Front says:
Alaska Facts
Anchorage: Summer Solstice 19.21 hours
  Winter Solstice 5.28 hours
Barrow: Sun rises May 10 and sets August 2 (84 days of light)
  Sun sets November 18 and rises January 24 (67 days of darkness)
Vastness: 586,000 square miles. Easternmost and westernmost state (55 miles from Russia), and more than twice the size of Texas.
Volcanoes: 70 or more active volcanoes. Most are part of the Pacific's 'Ring of Fire.'
Earthquakes: 10 quakes greater than magnitude 8 on the Ritcher scale since 1889. Alaska has approximately 50 quakes each year with a magnitude greater than 5.
Mt Mckinley highest peak in the US (Called Denali, meaning the 'Great One' in Athabascan) 20,320 ft
St Elias  18,008 ft
Foraker  17,400 ft
Bona  16,500 ft
Blackburn  16,390 ft
Sanford 16,237 ft
Of America's 20 highest peaks, 17 are in Alaska.
Glaciers: 100,000 glaciers cover 30,000 square miles. Malaspina, 850 square miles, is the largest and roughly the size of Rhode Island.
Thanks Grandma and Opa Matt!

December 19, 2011

N's postcards - 93

Alaska: "Mushing on the Bering Sea, Alaska. The Iditarod finishes at Nome each year. These teams vie for their positions before the finish." The iditarod is run from Anchorage to Nome (over 1150 miles) each year with teams of 12 to 16 dogs, and is finished in 10 to 17 days. I know what winter is like, and I don't know how they could do it!
Thanks Grandma and Opa Matt!

December 13, 2011

T's postcards - 90

Salish art 'Morning Flight' by George Hunt Jr. with quote: "The Blue Herson in flight while transforming into its human form. The Blue Heron represents ancient times." We don't know if herson is a typo - or a combo of heron and person. Thanks Grandma and Opa!

December 12, 2011

N's Postcards - 92

Prudhoe Bay showing the temperature at -58. Um, that's cold! Thanks Grandma and Opa Matt!

December 6, 2011

T's postcards - 89

"The Old Country Market - Goats on the roof - Coombs"
It sounded strange to hear about buildings built to hold goats on their roofs! Thanks Grandma and Opa!

December 5, 2011

N's Postcards - 91

This card shows the Qinghai-Tibet Railway and Yangtza River. Thank you! CN-162107

N's Postcards - 90

This is a card is from the realtor that helped us find our house. It says "And do you commit to a fixed marriage, amortized over a period of sixty years, with penalties for early payoff?" Yikes if marriages were really like this!

November 29, 2011

T's postcards - 88

A dvd postcard showing the beauty of Kenai Fjords in Alaska. Thanks Grandma and Opa Matt!

November 28, 2011

N's Postcards - 89

The back only says bear cubs - but my guess would be grizzly. Thanks Grandma!

November 22, 2011

T's postcards - 87

Puerto Vallarta
A neat looking lizard - unfortunately it doesn't say what kind! Thanks Grandma and Opa!

November 21, 2011

N's Postcards - 88

This is actually a folding card, but with some cute baby penguins. :) Thanks Ina! NL-241181

November 15, 2011

T's postcards - 86

On back: "Locomotive and trucks: The locomotive, Class 7, no. 975 was built in 1893 in Glasgow, Scotland and was used during the Anglo-Boer War to transport British supplies. The trucks were built respectively in 1890, 1913 and 1920. On display at the War Museum of the Boer Republics, Bloemfontein." Thanks Lida! ZA-4901

November 14, 2011

N's Postcards - 87

A neat looking card with little things by the pictures that say things like "you + me = big happy." Along with these, there is a map - it looks kinda like a subway or something like that. Thanks Wei! TW-124279

November 8, 2011

T's postcards - 85

Logo (we're guessing) for UEFA Euro 2004 Portugal. Really, all we know, is that there is a soccer ball. :) Thanks Elise! PT-70140

November 7, 2011

N's Postcards - 86

Another great 3D card - this one shows a big cat - I want to say jaguar, but I could be something else. Thanks Grandma and Opa Matt!

November 1, 2011

T's postcards - 84

Neat looking building surrounded by planes. On the back: "Museum of Military Aviation: Established in 1957. By the number and value of the exhibits, the Museum ranks among ten leading museums of this type in the world. Its collections and funds kept more than 200 aircraft, 130 aircraft engines, a number of radars and rockets, various aviation equipment, more than 20,000 books and technical documentation and more than 200,000 photographs." Wow - next time we are in Serbia! Thanks Blanka! RS-2939

October 31, 2011

N's Postcards - 85

Bear in Finland. Marja says it's a brown bear - here those are mostly grizzlies! Big bears! Thanks Marja! FI-737887

October 25, 2011

T's postcards - 83

Big truck! The truck works for Eddie Stobart Ltd - Express and Haulage Specialist. Thanks Carole! CA-49031

October 24, 2011

N's Postcards - 84

Megane or spectacles bridge in Nagasaki. It really does looks like glasses! Thanks Yoko! JP-95542

October 18, 2011

T's postcards - 82

Submarines in West Edmonton Mall.
On back: "Submarines: Enjoy an undersea adventure in one of four authentic submarines. Cruise past sharks, dolphins, exotic fish and beautiful coral reefs in the lake of the Deep Sea Adventure." Looks like fun! Thanks Linda! CA-48893

October 17, 2011

N's Postcards - 83

City Mural of Westminster, MD (Clicking should make it bigger, should you want to see more detail).
On back: "City Mural: Entitled 'History is Also Now,' this mural was designed by Lewis Schlitt in 1999, based on materials from the Historical Society of Carroll County. Located on the Locust Lane side of 47 East Main Street, the mural serves as the backdrop for the Locust Lane Performance Stage." Looks really neat! Thanks Skyler! US-606480

October 11, 2011

T's postcards - 81

A card showing more Moomin characters. Thanks Hannu! FI-449408

October 10, 2011

N's Postcards - 82

Sometimes not having animal cards is a good thing - N was sent this great view of New York! It's 3D - and luckily, since the machines did not like the card, it only mangled the corner. Thanks Ring! US-606485

October 4, 2011

T's postcards - 80

"Le vent en poupe" - Wind in its sails
The back goes on to tell about the Swiss Sailing Organization, in french. :) Thanks Geneviève! CH-12719

October 3, 2011

N's Postcards - 81

Fairbanks, Alaska
On back: "Scenic view of downtown Fairbanks with the Chena River running past Golden Heart Park" Nice park - I remember the first time we saw it, the boys said "but this CAN'T be downtown, there aren't any big buildings." :) Because Winnipeg is sooooo big! :) Thanks Grandma and Opa Matt!

September 27, 2011

T's postcards - 79

This card shows a bunch of the moomin characters on stilts. So cute! Thanks Maria! FI-292704

September 26, 2011

N's Postcards - 80

Great buildings of Heidelberg on a multiview card. Thanks Tim! DE-454053

September 20, 2011

T's postcards - 78

"Royal Thai Air Force"
This is a homemade card, obviously made with care - the top is lamenated! This was taken at Huahin Airport. Thanks Seranie! TH-11670

September 19, 2011

N's Postcards - 79

On back: "Distant view of Asuka Temple in spring - Asuka, Nara" Neat buildings, with pretty flowers! Thanks Hiroshi! JP-85158

September 13, 2011