March 9, 2010

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I'm sorry I've been neglecting you, poor blog. I just haven't felt like doing, well, much of anything. So I am going to try to get back in the swing of things, and hopefully at least start doing PFFs again. Of course I have a bunch of cards to scan, so I guess I may as well do that too - just gotta get my butt in gear! And parked doesn't count. :)

Abhishek's PostCrossing Journey - This is a blog about the postcards I receive from all over the world.
Annie & PB Go Geocaching - Postcrossing
A REAL wall displaying REAL posts by REAL people - I got fed up of posts on my facebook wall, so I thought I'd close my facebook account and get back to my blogging roots so I set this site up to receive REAL post. From REAL people. Any post sent to me will be put up here and photographed every day until new mail comes in. Don't forget to click on each photo to go through to it's flickr page where you will find full annotations.
BERUBE-BUGS MAILART CALL - *THIS MAILART CALL HAS ENDED - Mailart call requesting your interpretation of Bugs, Insects, or Creatures.
Blog Frog - whole bunch of stuff, including postcrossing
flipflopmailart - Documentation of sent and received mailart.
Heebee Jeebeeland in the 4th Dimension  - Mailart
Jennifer Zoellner's Mail Art - Mail Art received is posted here.
Just my postcard collection - My little collection of postcard
Missive Maven: Epistolary Exultation - Welcome to my celebration of snail mail, this letter-writing blog: photos and thoughts on letters written and received, favorite stationery, fountain pens -- all the accouterments of the old-fashioned letter in your mailbox.
my covers - postcards too
My stamps and covers - I am a young Belgian stamp collector trying to have one nice cover from every country in the world, and I need YOUR HELP to reach this goal! :) (postcards too)
Patricia's Paper Crafts - A blog of some of my handmade paper crafts. It have taken me a while too really know what crafts are best for me I love to make handmade post cards using vintage articles, photos or pattern papers what I'm working on for the next post cards black history and African American images from the 20's.
Tracy's Topics - Postcrossing Thursday

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