February 15, 2010

1109 and contest winners!

I am going to do these together, because they just fit so well together!

This card is from Georgina, who has a brand new grandbaby. :) I think she has the luck! :D On the back it says "Leprechaun: Small mischievous Irish fairy, symbolising good luck and fortune. If found he can be forced to reveal his hiding place of treasure, but beware if you take your eyes off him he will vanish instantly. Nearly became extinct in the early 20th century but now can be found in abundance throughout Ireland." Thank you!! IE-8743 

And now to find out who is lucky!!

According to Random.org, my numbers are 4 & 1 -
CatWoman (postcrossing) & Mary!!

I'll be in touch soon - I forgot today was a holiday. I am sneaking time in now!


Lilas Conuts said...

Hello from Nouméa, thanks for sharing

Lay Hoon aka mescrap said...

This postcard is cute !!

Sreisaat said...

Hello Shauna, I love the Irish posty! Thanks, by the way, for leaving your link. I have it linked already. Have a nice day =)

Postcards Crossing

pyowb. said...

Hi Shaunna,thanx for the beautiful flower,I love it, as its purple and rare,thanx again.For urs infor.if u received any mail from this pyowb@yahoo.com pls ignore it,my mail address has been hacked on 03/03/2010.my another mail pyowb@hotmail.com

brett said...
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Steffi said...

I love Ireland and I hope I will visit this great and interesting country sometime soon!
Very great card!