December 20, 2011

T's postcards - 91

Front says:
Alaska Facts
Anchorage: Summer Solstice 19.21 hours
  Winter Solstice 5.28 hours
Barrow: Sun rises May 10 and sets August 2 (84 days of light)
  Sun sets November 18 and rises January 24 (67 days of darkness)
Vastness: 586,000 square miles. Easternmost and westernmost state (55 miles from Russia), and more than twice the size of Texas.
Volcanoes: 70 or more active volcanoes. Most are part of the Pacific's 'Ring of Fire.'
Earthquakes: 10 quakes greater than magnitude 8 on the Ritcher scale since 1889. Alaska has approximately 50 quakes each year with a magnitude greater than 5.
Mt Mckinley highest peak in the US (Called Denali, meaning the 'Great One' in Athabascan) 20,320 ft
St Elias  18,008 ft
Foraker  17,400 ft
Bona  16,500 ft
Blackburn  16,390 ft
Sanford 16,237 ft
Of America's 20 highest peaks, 17 are in Alaska.
Glaciers: 100,000 glaciers cover 30,000 square miles. Malaspina, 850 square miles, is the largest and roughly the size of Rhode Island.
Thanks Grandma and Opa Matt!

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