January 20, 2011

T & N's postcards - 7

Life cycle of the glow worm - Waitomo Caves, New Zealand. Back: "The life cycle of the glow-worm consists of 4 stages lasting a total of 9 months. Eggs hatch in 3 weeks into larvae which grow up to 4cm (1.5") long. They live in threads feeding on insects which are attracted by the light the glow-worm emits. Each glow-worm drops about 70 threads during their 8 month span. The larvae then changes into pupae hanging from the ceiling by threads. The adult emerges after 2 weeks - females living up to 3 days and males 4 - long enough to continue the life cycle."
When you get past the idea that these are bugs, you have to admit that those threads are pretty, kinda like a chandelier.
Thanks Auntie!

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viridian said...

A sticky chandelier however!

I hope you can join me for my new meme Sunday Stamps opens again late Saturday night.
You are welcome to join us.