December 8, 2010


So, you may be wondering why only my sons postcards have been coming up the last few months. I am actually a bit surprised at how far behind I am! But I have a decent reason - we have a new baby. :) A little girl to mix it up with a the guy stuff. :) There have been a few people who have requested trades - don't worry, I still have the messages. When I am a bit more caught up, you'll hear from me!

I also would like to work on improving the blog - does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

So this postcard here, I got for my birthday. My birthday was 6 months and 2 days ago. Nope, I'm not at all behind! All it says on the back is zazzle (which is an awesome place to get odd postcards - though they can be a bit pricey). Unfortunately, I have no idea who the artist is :( The signature got cropped - it's in the bottom right and all I can see if K.

Now if you've seen the other cards my hubby has given me, you know he writes something fun, and here it is:
"Exhausted, Alyssya slumped forward. 'Are they still following?' she thought. Henstritch, her oldest and closest ally from the eight courts, was crossing a stream for what seemed the twentieth time. He was attempting to throw off the Huntress, but the effort seemed hopeless.
'Shall we rest?' he sent to Alyssya.
'Please, just a little further...' "


MadeInCanarias said...

Congratulations on your little baby girl! :)

Lyneen said...

Congrats on the little one...

I love the fairies on your blog... thanks for stopping by!

Shaunna said...