February 2, 2010

Postcard links

I was looking at my list of links and was finding it very unwieldy. So I was thinking, wouldn't it be easier to have a link to ALL the pages? So, yes, I think that I will do that. Easy to edit too, so we shall see how it goes. :)

!!!Postcrossing and Stamps!!! - Take a look in what i have to swap and vintage collection of postcards and stamps!
*European Film Star Postcards* - Vintage postcards, stars and stories.
9teen87's Postcards - Thousands of Postcards from around the world, starting in the late 1800's. If you like trivia, you'll love this blog.
A Minha Colecção de Postais
A Plethora of Postcards - A postcard a day, from a large collection of postcards received, sent to me by me, and/or collected over the last 30+ years.
A Postcard A Day
About Postcards - A reference resource for the postcard collector. Decades of Deltiology documented.
Ansichtskarten and more - All around my picture postcard collection.
Cards in the Mail - A World of Postcards.
Carol PostCrossing Journey - ...........Tribute To Sender & Friends.. :)
Christ PostCrossing Journey - Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. It is the joy of our life to do them. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we think, say, want and do.
The French Factrice - home of PFF
Femkeismaria's postcrossing weblog
Geeanuar's Postcards Collection - WELCOME ;)
Gem's World Postcards
HAGAKI: Postcards - Marineko's postcard collection
Jasmine.Postcards - My Postcards Received From All Over The World
Life in a Postcard Mirror - This blog discusses the picture postcard as art, visual document and popular culture icon.Linnie's Kaartjes
Luxi's Postcrossing Blog - Sharing My Hobby Postcrossing With You!
Mail Art Postcard Exhibition - This is an exhibit of mail art postcards. Any techniques or media are welcome, from hand made to digital creations.
Morgaines Postcrossing Blog - All my received postcards through postcrossing, tags and swaps…
My Cool Postcard Collection
My Postcard Collection

My Postcard Collection - Martinha's
My Postcard Collection - I collect stamps and postcards. This is the site where I will show those great postcards which are sent to me from great friends all over the world.
My Postcard World
MY POSTCARD-PAGE - This site is dedicated to my hobby: collecting postcards! Postcard collecting is a very addictive hobby, but its a lot of fun, and you get in touch with lots of nice people worldwide...
My postcards and stamps
My World of Postcards
Orange Dreamer's Postcards :)
Postcard A La Carte - My worldwide collection of postcards mailed to me from the country of origin.
OS MEUS POSTAIS - Postais, são sinais gravados de lugares muito especiais por onde temos caminhado nesta viagem. Revivê-los é impedir que a ausência do passado se cruze para sempre nas nossas vidas!!!
Panarea's postcrossing blog - my beautiful postcards from all over the world
Places To Visit Before You Die - Dear Friends! Are there places to visit before you die in your country? To be sure!
Postaid de Cães / Postcard Dogs - Coleçao de postais de Conança Lucas
Postcard Funnies
Postcard Images: 100 years of life, love and mystery
Postcard Journey Around The World - Hello everybody hope you enjoy to look my postcards collection.
Postcard Voyager - A journey through postcards
PostCards and Places... - Deltiology. A history of postcard collecting. A decade of learning places. Friendly exchange through postcrossing. See some of my postcards and enjoy. Learn with me as well. See the world through postcards!
Postcards Crossing
Postcards for trade - (I have several other cards, if you are interested)
Postcards in my mailbox - Hello friends, Do you like to travel with the imagination for all the corners of our planet? A nice way to know the world is to collect postcards. I have a little collection of postcards that I wish to share with other collectors, I hope you enjoy with this blog.
postcards, part 2! - Here you'll find cards I receive from the US. Why do they get their own blog? Well, I like to say it is because US cards are so special to me...
Postcards-Croatia - Postcards from all around the world
PostMuse - Orphaned Postcard Project - Sending postcards worldwide for recipients to send back to me with a message and postmark.
POSTCARDY: the postcard explorer - My blog is about postcards, postcard collecting, my postcard collection, and my "vintage thingies."
PostcrossingPostcrossing blog - News, updates and all kind of goodies **official postcrossing blog**
Post Secret
Remember When Postcards Blog - Interesting historical tidbits and trivia about old postcards, and Victorian trade cards, along with the occasional amusing postcard message.
Richard Lillis - This blog will primarily be on two things; Postcrossing postcards and stamps I have received, my collection of items having to do with the surname Lillis.
Send A Postcard. Save A Life. - A postcard challenge to receive one postcard from every country in the world. For each postcard I receive, I will donate $5 to my favorite charity, Nothing But Nets which distributes mosquito nets to prevent malaria transmission in Africa. Each family in need receives one mosquito net which costs only $10. 263 territories of the world. 263 postcards. $1315. 132 mosquito nets. 132 families saved.
The art of the Postcard
The Daily Postcard
the postcard blog! - Why, yes, in fact, I DO collect postcards! How did you guess?? Here you'll find my international collection.
Travel Postcard
Vintage Postcards: Postcard Blog - Blogging about Antiques and Collectibles: Collectible Old Antique Vintage Postcards
Viridian's Postcard Blog
Wild Postcards - A (Re)Collection
Windows of the World - Welcome to the world of my postcard collection. The whole world is open for you through these small postcard windows....... It is my pleasure to share with you the postcards that I've received all this while and also those I will be obtaining from time to time.
You Got A Posty

Now, I KNOW that I am missing (probably) a bunch, so please let me know and I will update! :)

Also, it is now a page, see the complete list here


Sheila said...

Thanks for the link! :) I'm thinking of doing something similar myself. Blogger has just introduced Pages where you can have separate pages for permanent things, I suppose like links. I must investigate further because it sounds ideal.

Shaunna said...

I will need to look into that! Thank you!

Leslie said...

Thanks for the link! :) I also linked to your blog on my main page - this one - the blog for US cards is secondary just because I wasn't smart enough to figure out sub-tags for states on my main blog! I really like the way you have your tags organized!!

postcardkris said...

Thanks for the link here. I've had your site linked from mine for some time. I especially like the way you've organized categories, something that is a mess on my site.
I still like putting my links in a gadget as a sidebar. They come up by activity and I can tell at a glance whose posting and whose abandoned their blog, plus they give my readers a thumbnail image of what and when other postcard bloggers are posting.
I'll have to look up your mom some day since she lives here in Fairbanks.

dager said...

Hi Shaunna!
Thanks for visiting my blog and the link here. I added yours too...^__^

webmastermarkt said...

many thanks for linking my site

Ansichtskarten and more

i am your follower now.


CafebyJW said...

Thanks for include me here :)

Have a nice day!

Christine H. said...

I like Sheila's idea, so I'm going to check it out too.