January 19, 2010


This card came in on Christmas Eve. And I feel quite bad, because I was running around and trying to get everything done, ready for Christmas, so I put the card down, beside my computer (so that, in theory, I would see it at register it when I got a chance). Well turns out I got a lot of stuff that ended up on my desk, plus things that we were trying to tidy, and I lost it. But I somehow lost it with the cards that I got for Christmas (soon!). So, we weren't really home on Christmas, or boxing day, or the 27th, or even the 28th. So by the time I was actually by my desk for more than 5 minutes, I had completely forgotten it. Thankfully, my goal at that time was to find my desk under all the crap on it. Still not done, but I'm done enough that I've stalled and can't be bothered to start up again :P.
Anyways, enough blathering, this postcard says workinghouse, but I am not entirely sure what that means. It is from Taipei, and the poster wrote some sayings for me - they are very neat looking. :) Thank you Amy, and sorry again for registering so late! TW-102236


Anonymous said...

naughty you :D

i'm a putter-offer too!

Shaunna said...

Sometimes it is so hard not too! It probably would have been done if most of my Christmas presents hadn't landed on top of it :S lol! Next time I'll know - toss it ON the keyboard! :D