December 1, 2009

Festival of Postcards - White

Well, I haven't gotten any new postcards scanned - it's been crazy hectic busy around here. In fact, I should get off my computer and get busy. :D But I haven't posted in a while, and I am TRYING to be a little bit better about that. So, when I saw this festival of postcards at postcardy's site,, I thought sure, why not? So here we go!
This is a normal view of Winnipeg in the winter - white sky (that's on the warm days), white smoke from heating our homes, white snow. Even the colours end up seeming muted. Maybe this is why I like Christmas so much?? All the reds and greens? This year has been strange, we have a tiny bit of snow - we can still see grass, easily. There is a high of 0C today - normally it's much colder by now.
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6th Edition, December 2009: White

Thanks for introducing us Postcardy!


Evelyn Yvonne Theriault said...

Thank you for joining us Shaunna. This is a great card and I know that Winnipeg usually has no lack of "white" during the winter!

Postcardy said...

In Minneapolis we had snow and cold weather in early October. Then we had a warm November with no snow.

Shaunna said...

That sounds an awful lot like up here! :) Snow near Halloween, gorgeous Halloween, and then we were breaking all sorts of records in November!
Makes it hard to get in the Christmas mood though :)