October 28, 2009


Another UYI tag - have I mentioned that I love these things?? I have? Well, I'll mention it again then. I love this tag! :) This card was in response to my request for LOL (I was in a good mood, what can I say??). And may I present Light On Land! Now, I'll admit, I'm not normally a fan of lighthouses - they appear quite dull most of the time. But I like this one! It looks like a castle, or at least a turret. :D Thank you Anja!


Anonymous said...

wow that's so beautiful! I thought it was Russian or Middle Eastern - it's amazingly beautiful! you get all the good cards :D

Shaunna said...

Awww, shucks. :) I get lots of cards I like - and even the ones that I wouldn't ask for - they always have "something" I like about them! :D