October 26, 2009


What a fantastic card! I love the colours, the lines. :) It's called Eagle Transforming by Corey W Moraes. Thank you!!! :D

On a bit of a side note: my hubby was awesome and scanned these for me last night - there will be more! I just don't want to spend all my time in front of the computer. All right, maybe I do want to, but I really shouldn't. That better? :D


Erika Jean said...

This one is neat! It reminds me of something tribal.

Did you know you can schedule you posts by changing the date at the bottom. I do Postcrossing Sundays on my blog - but I scan and make 5 posts in one night, then I'm set for a month or so ;-)

I'm having a blog contest on Friday - I'll be giving away postcards! Come stop by on Friday!!

Shaunna said...

I've never tried to schedule my posts, though that might not be a bad idea! :D But I will definitely check out your blog ;)