October 8, 2009


Hey there everyone! I thought about crawling into bed and never leaving again earlier this week, but it seems that I am still alive. I hate the flu. :( Anyways, I really should be doing some sort of chore, but I am pretty tired, so I figured that I would do a chore I tend to avoid - "finding my desk under all the clutter on it." Well a big part of that is postcards! So here we go, and I am doing a chore, wink, wink, nudge, nudge :D
I got this cutie in a tag, and while ad cards can be so blah, I really like this one. There are times I really wish I could do black hair, and that I had a crazy hair budget - I love the green (especially with the black) :D. Ah well, just to admire then :D Thanks Martze!

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