October 1, 2009


Alright, I think one last one, since I need to tidy up my house... This one is from Halle (Saale). Um what? Wikipedia, help me out! Aha! It says that there is another Halle in North Rhine-Westphalia. This one is in Saxony-Anhalt. So Halle (Salle) is Halle an der Salle (Halle on the Salle (river) ). Nope! Not confusing!! :D Anyways, Halle has a gorgeous fountain and neat enough buses/trolleys that my kids tried to steal the card when I got it :D Thanks Manuela!

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Diane said...

I have been there many years ago and it IS absolutely breathtaking...especially the many steps inside to get to different levels "lol"

But I love it!!
Greetings Diane