May 13, 2009


Well I am kinda happy that I didn't get mail today - it's raining and everything that did come was SOAKED. :( Thankfully it was just flyers and a birthday card for my husband (which is now sitting on the kitchen table, drying - I'll fold it up again hopefully before we leave, it would suck to see the inside first!!). Anyways, I'm a little behind, so I am trying to register some cards now too :s.
Anyways, clockwise: Small red morning glory, flame azalea, trumpet, phlox, fire pink (yup - that red one :D), black-eyed susan, turk's cap lily, chicory, butterfly weed (I think - it's covered up!), great mullein, columbine, and bull thistle :) Very pretty! Thank you, Melissa! US-393955

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Wendy said...

You have no Arkansas cards yet! Email me if you want me to help you with your Arkansas collection. :)