February 24, 2009


A wonderful dragon card from England :) Isn't he cute? My kids tried to run off with him and the one with the sandcastle lol. :) Thank you very much Anu!


Sreisaat said...

I love this dragon card, too :)
It reminds me of the amorous dragon, the donkey's love interest in the cartoon-movie Shrek. This is cuteness overload - I can see why your kids love this very much. The dragon looks playful and not scary!

Shaunna said...

They are also surrounded by dragons in the house - they get excited about every postcard!! lol

Ana said...

Hello there :)

recently i bought this card:


and i recalled that you liked Unicorns and Fairies and such, so in case you want me to send it to you, just let me know
mail me at: anagahan at gmail dot com

ps. if its of any significance, the card is of a smaller size than regular cards