October 15, 2007


Another Cicely Mary Barker fairy!! :D Yay! And I love her dress :P Thank you Yvonne!!


yvi-1 said...

Boy did that postcard take a beating in the mail! I did post a scan of the original postcard before it was sent to my Flickr account and then after your received it, I put it in the magical postcard group. I can't believe the postal system!

Shaunna said...

It isn't all that bad, in honesty. I have cards that are much more beaten :P At least they didn't hurt the picture, they just "softened" the edges.

mae said...

hello! I'm a postcard enthusiast as well but just getting back to it! Hope you can send me a postcard when you get the chance and I'll link your blog to mine. To know more about my project, pleae visit:


thank you and have a great one!