October 4, 2007


Gorgeous card of the Canadian Rockies. My mom took about 10 days to drive from Boise ID, to Fairbanks AK. Other than seeing family (in Seattle, Vancouver, the Okanagon, and Prince George), I think she did some sightseeing :) Go mom! That's the way to travel (oh did I mention, she was with her 2 cats and dog??) Crazy :)
The card says: Few places in the world are as breath-takingly beautiful as the Canadian Rocky Mountains where the recreational opportunities are endless. Four national parks encompass the vast area: Banff, Kootenay, Yoho, and Jasper, and these have been designated as World Heritage Sites by the United Nations. Spectacular resorts like the Banff Springs Hotel, the Jasper Park Lodge, and the Inn at Lake Louise are world famous. For the outdoor enthusiast, almost anything goes, from rugged mountain climbing, to more tame hikes, from river rafting to cycling, from snow-shoeing to heli-skiing. Wildlife is abundant, and it is commonplace for cars to pull off the road to observe a herd of elk or spot a bear. The Columbia Icefields are a glacier remaining from the last Ice Age, accessible by the road connecting Jasper and Banff. And, of course, the Rocky Mountains themselves, the youngsters of the North American mountain chains, are worth seeing simply for their grandeur.
Thanks Mom!

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