August 30, 2007


Fun Facts about Denver!
~Denver receives 300 days of sunshine a year! That's more sun than San Diego or Miami Beach.
~As the "Baby Boomer" capital of America, Denver has the highest percentage of bommers than any major US city.
~Denver was built on high plains and is one of the flattest of all American cities.
~The entire world's supply of Colorado onyx, a rare stone found near Beulah, Colorade, is used as wainscoting inside the Denver State Capital.
WOW - Did you know...
... The invention of the world's first "cheeseburger" belongs to Louis Ballast, who in 1935 grilled a slice of cheese onto a hamburger at his Denver Humpty Dumpty drive-in.
... The Mile High City really is a mile high. Denver's State Capitol building has a spot on the west steps that is 5,280 feet above sea level.
Thanks for the info Mom!!

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Janella said...

I have this exact card in my "to send" collection, but I don't think I have ever sent it out to anyone! I guess I'm saving it for someone who specifically requests some quirky card on Postcrossing. :)