August 16, 2007


I am not really sure what all those things on the beach are, but I can tell you that it's on the Baltic coast :) Thanks Nicole! And Congrats on your news :)


Martinha said...

A few days ago i received an official card from the baltic see with that boxes too. I also i've no idea about the meaning those boxes.

Michaela (from Germany) said...

These boxes are called "Strandkorb". There are lots of them at the north coast from Germany.
You can sit in them... get brown.. and the most important thing: you´re not sitting directly in the wind because it´s pretty windy up there!

Like my boyfriend and my dog do *lol*:

Michaela said...

It´s .jpg in the end from the url :)

Shaunna said...

Thank you very much for letting us know what they are! It gets pretty windy on some of our beaches too, but we have nothing like that :)