March 29, 2007


D-Day always gets a mention in my house, June 6 is my birthday (though on the 34th anniversay). It says: At dawn on D-day, graound troops hit the beachheads of Sword, Juno and Gold [the red arrows on the map, from the water]. They were preceded by an divisions flown in to the sides of the front. American troops ran into difficulties at Utah and Omaha [blue arrows from the water], and don't join until June 12th.
By the 21st of August, the battle of Normandie recaptures Tournai-sur Dives, after Canadians and Americans regroup in Chambois. General Leclerc headed the 2nd DB [Not sure what that is - but looking at the map, a force from the south?], and decided to go and liberate Paris.
Thanks Lenaic!

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