February 26, 2007


I got some lovely cards are from the Philippines. The one that I am keeping is of rice terraces, which have fascinated me because of the shape of the land. Just amazing. And to think, they are 2000 years old... Thanks Sharon!


Bonivic said...

i am from this beautiful province in the Philippines. =)

you can visit me at http://janmayenne.multiply.com

many thanks!

Shaunna said...

Thank you for your kind comment! You have a wonderful site too!

Bradpetehoops said...

This Rice Terraces or Stairway to Heaven is a UNESCO Heritage. Known the 8th Wonder of the Ancient World cos it is built like Pyramid of Egypt. That cannot be build by modern machines. Made by hand tools of the Ifugao (Philippine People in North. Industrious like ants is the key in this majestic scenery.

Shaunna said...

You say Stairway to Heaven and I think Led Zeplin. :D I never knew that you couldn't make the rice terraces with machines. That is amazing.

Smarter said...

Great views of these very old rice terraces.
Lovely green!
Jane @ Laser Tattoo Removal Mullingar